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Our team of experienced attorneys at Borton Petrini, LLP offers full representation related to Immigration Law. We have knowledgeable Immigration attorneys who will explain your legal rights in an easy to understand way. We are dedicated to fighting for your legal rights until the matter is done.

We Care:

No matter what stage of the Immigration process you find yourself, we are here to help you.  Our attorneys have been through the Immigration process before, so they know it can be stressful, difficult and complicated. All of our Immigration attorneys are passionate about helping our clients get the best possible outcome that is available.

Our Services:

Our attorneys can represent you in family, employment, academic-based and humanitarian Immigration matters. Some, but not all, of the nonimmigrant visas/services we help people and businesses with are: B visas, F visas, H1, H2 and H visas, J visas, K visas, L visas, M visas, O visas, P visas, Q visas, R visas, T visas, U visas and V visas.

We also help people and businesses with adjustments of status, waivers, immediate relative Immigrant Visas, and family-sponsored and employment-based preferences on the path to naturalization and citizenship.

We Can Help:

Our law firm has offices located all over California, and we use technology to remotely consult with clients wherever they are. This makes it easier to meet so you do not have to travel far distances to our offices.

Many Immigration matters require immediate attention to protect your rights, so do not delay in contacting our offices to discuss how we can help you.

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