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Errors and Omissions Law

Errors and omissions law deals with claims of negligence due to errors or omissions. These claims can be from medical patients, business clients, or consumers.

For example, if a medical professional omitted an important entry on a patient’s record, the client may seek compensation if the mistake caused him or her to suffer a loss.

Common legal issues associated with errors and omissions law can include:
• Inadequate communication and documentation
• Breach of duty
• A gap in insurance coverage
• Breaches of insurance contracts
• Inadequate business practices
• Frivolous claims filed by clients

Borton Petrini, LLP, is your premier California law practice for errors and omissions law. We routinely handle matters involving professional errors and omissions in the medical/healing arts, design, law, real estate, insurance, finance, and many other pursuits.


If you have questions or concerns relating to a claim of negligence against your business allegedly due to errors or omissions, reach out to our team to determine next steps.

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