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Community Spotlight – Maurice Kane

Partner Maurice Kane of our San Bernardino office is the elected President and Chairman for The Friends of the Covina Public Library, which is a 501 (c) (3) Library support organization.  Under Maurice’s watch they established the Annual Helen Gooch Scholarship Program. This program selects and awards scholarships to graduating seniors from the three high schools in the Covina Valley Unified School District, funds the Summer Reading Program, conducts Kidzapalooza Young Adults/ Children’s Book Festival, organizes Book & Bake Sales in the Spring and Autumn, has a monthly Reading Becomes Eclectic Book Club, operates the daily Book Nook retail store, performs community engagement and provides financial and volunteer support for Library programs, services, and initiatives throughout the year.


Maurice recently took some time to tell us more about his experience with this organization.


Why did you first get involved in this organization?

My own attachment to libraries and bookstores on an almost molecular, cellular level. As a lifelong bibliophile and patron of public libraries, as well as being taught by my parents’ encouragement and example, to be more than a spectator and resident of a community, I desired to contribute to education, literacy, and meaningful backing of the local neighborhood library, which actually attracts patrons and visitors from the entire San Gabriel Valley.


What inspires you most about the work with this organization?

It is really about the joy: the palpable, heart-warming excitement that youth display whenever they attend one of our events and the dedication of our Board members and volunteers in dedicating their time, talent, and treasure to making the Covina Public Library a haven for folks of every background.


What is your most memorable moment?

Sharing with the son and daughter of a long-time volunteer, who passed away, when we told them that the Friends of the Covina Public Library was establishing an annual scholarship fund named in honor of their dearly departed Mom. They knew how much the Library meant to their Mom and having the institution that she herself loved for so long preserving her memory by making a better tomorrow for future leaders was a gift to their entire family.

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