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Community Spotlight – Claudia Aceves

Borton Petrini’s Community Spotlight

Claudia Aceves, Partner in Borton Petrini’s Modesto office, has always recognized the importance of giving back to her community.  That’s why in 2017 when she was approached about becoming a Board Member of the United Samaritans Foundation, she did not hesitate to accept the position.  United Samaritans Foundation is a non-profit whose mission is focused on offering food to the neediest individuals in Stanislaus County and beyond, and Claudia was ready to do her part to help ensure that mission was fulfilled.

Claudia recently sat down to discuss some of her most memorable moments with United Samaritans Foundation (“USF”).


Why did you first get involved with United Samaritans Foundation?

We often associate poverty and hunger with third world countries, however, many of our own community members struggle on a daily basis to find their next meal. USF helps alleviate that burden by providing lunches to any in need, food boxes to families and college students and by providing nutritious freshly made meals to our senior citizens.  I was very impressed by the impact that USF has made in our community and the devotion with which each employee, board member, and volunteer contributes to USF’S mission to feed those in need. It was an honor to join and support an organization that selflessly provides for our community.


What inspires you the most about United Samaritans Foundation’s work?

USF’S team is a true inspiration.  Their ability to raise funds, seek donations, and recruit volunteers to help those is need is remarkable.  The USF team has inspired me to join their mission to minimize the hunger level that exists in our own backyard.


What is your most memorable moment with United Samaritans Foundation?

One of the most memorable moments I have had with USF is when I gave a presentation to the Modesto Flex Rotary about USF, its mission, and the continued need for community support for those in need. The audience’s interest in becoming volunteers and supporting USF’s mission was overwhelming.  I learned that there are many people willing and able to volunteer their time, talent or provide monetary support to those in need, and all we need to do is inform them as to where they can direct their desire to help.


What are ways that members of the community can support this organization?

Members of the community can support USF by volunteering to assemble food boxes, prepare food, and deliver food.  Members of the community can also provide monetary support or provide supplies.


Claudia Aceves is a Partner at the Modesto Office of Borton Petrini, LLP.  She practices in a variety of practice areas including general civil litigation, real estate law, unlawful detainers, estate planning, business, corporate and partnership transactions, business litigation, construction law, and employment law.


Visit for more information on the USF or how you can donate to their foundation.

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